Classical Revolution Festival: Three Weeks of Hot Concerts

San Francisco Classical Voice – Sept 30, 2012

Charith Premawardhana doesn’t see himself as a revolutionary, despite the fact that the organization he founded is called Classical Revolution. He’s more like a social networker/booking agent, but one who has seen a possible future for classical music…read more

Lara Downes Launches Classical Revolution Festival

San Francisco Classical Voice – Sept 8, 2012

The opening weekend of the first-ever Classical Revolution Music Festival was appropriately baptized with benign weather and gemütlich venues, among them the intimate Salle Pianos showroom in San Francisco. It was there, last Saturday, enhanced by genteel potables and edibles…read more

Fall Arts: Classical Revolution Charts a New Course

SFWeekly – Sept 5, 2012

The jam session has always been a defining element of jazz. A wholly informal exercise, the jam is where musicians limber up, experiment, fine-tune, or freak out. Folkies had their own jam sessions as well, and still do at places like Freight and Salvage in Berkeley; rock bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, of course, have been devoted practitioners…read more

Top 10 Hip Places to Hear Live Classical

San Francisco Classical Voice – Aug 8, 2012

“Up to this point, it’s all been an experiment, to see what works where.” That in a nutshell, has been Charith Premawardhana’s mission in seeking beyond the Mission for venues for Classical Revolution, the alternative performance movement…read more

Musicians as entrepreneurs

The Economist – Mar 30, 2012

Tethered to electronics, we forget that for centuries individuals were expected to read, write and perform for one another, in the flesh. Music enjoyed a particularly intimate history. Until the 17th century, secular music was played solely within one’s home (hence: “chamber music”). …read more

Talkin About a Revolution

American Way Magazine – Dec 15, 2011

It was fall 2006 when Charith Premawardhana, a classically trained violist and a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, moved into the city’s Mission District and discovered Revolution Cafe. A headquarters for the District’s eclectic arts-and-music scene, the “Rev” hosts free live music — jazz, blues, folk — played by the city’s finest musicians. …read more

Alt-Classical Surge Hits the Northwest

Wall Street Journal – Dec 13, 2011

‘We love classical music. We love playing classical music. We love listening to classical music. We are tired of the elitist and inaccessible nature of the classical world. We believe that there are many that would enjoy classical music if they could access it in a setting that is comfortable for them. We believe classical musicians should be …read more

Classical musicians jam at the Chatterbox as ‘a labor of love’

Indianapolis Star – Sept 28, 2011

The crowd builds slowly at the Chatterbox Jazz Club, and before long the narrow nightspot on Massachusetts Avenue is living up to its name. …read more

Classical Music Moves From Concert Halls to Cafes

New York Times – August 4, 2011

Ever since Classical Revolution, a loose collective of top-notch, classically trained musicians, started playing chamber music at the Revolution Cafe a few years ago, this Mission District bar has been packed on Mondays — not generally a big party night in town. …read more

Classical movement: Chamber music’s fan base growing

Houston Chronicle – May 27, 2010

Chamber musicians of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your stuffy, elitist, hidebound image. That’s the message of Classical Revolution. In Houston, this “revolution” is led by Tracy Jacobson, a 22-year-old bassoonist and a graduate of Rice …read more

Cleveland Orchestra makes the most of extra night in Ann Arbor

Cleveland Plain Dealer – February 3, 2011

Orchestra Hall in Chicago it definitely wasn’t, but Silvio’s Organic Pizza here at the University of Michigan may have been the next best thing Wednesday night.…read more

Bach and beer: Groups aim to bring classical music into ‘real life’

Madison Capital Times – September 30, 2010

On a recent September night, more than two dozen people lounged and chatted in the Mercury Café on East Mifflin Street, laughing, drinking, talking over the music.…read more

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Cincinnati City Beat – September 30, 2010

Once a month, crowds gather at Northside Tavern for a hot session of trio sonatas and brass quintets. Or wind ensembles and string quartets. Or operatic arias. …read more

Classical Music Finds a Home

SOMA Magazine – July 2009

Art school boho-chic: meet the original acoustic sensation. Before indie rock, before punk, before rock ‘n’ roll; before anything you love right now, there was classical. And let’s be honest – old school revivalism has gotten a lot of play lately. But this music is old old school, …read more